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Nekton MSA Powder


NEKTON-MSA is a high-quality mineral blend supplemented with vitamin D3, major/trace elements and amino acids. NEKTON-MSA supports and powers the metabolism and bones, prevents rickets, activates mineral conversion and helps...

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Nekton Tonic K

High-grade tonic individually attuned to the needs seed-eating birds. The variety and combination of the more than 60 nutritive and effective substances in these supplements make the NEKTON-TONIC series to...

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Nekton Baby-Bird


Hand-rearing feed for all bird chicks NEKTON-Baby-Bird is a complete formula for the successful hand-rearing of all bird chicks. In this product the latest scientific findings in the rearing of...

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Nekton B Complex


Invaluable vitamin B supplement for all birds The members of the vitamin B group seem to act primarily as parts of the enzyme systems. They participate in a number of...

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