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Foods designed specially for Birds that are sick or need a special diet

Bird Foods for Sick Birds

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Survive Emergency nutrition for acute cases. Gives birds and animals a fighting chance! Contains a complete range of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, protein and an energy source that are very easy...

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Flourish is a blend of natural herbal ingredients that help to stimulate the bird's immune system, attack disease causing organisms and create a good environment in the gut for beneficial...

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Poly Aid Plus

Poly-Aid Plus is a sustained release carbohydrate and protein supplement with multivitamins and electrolytes and nine strain Probotic for sick or stressed birds. It is recommended in all birds with...

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Special Needs Diet

For birds with chronic digestive problems such as PDS (Proventricular Dilatation Disease). Application: Dissolve in water at the rate of 50g of Special Needs Diet to 180mls of water. Pack...

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