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Potent Brew Liquid Probiotic

Potent Brew Restores beneficial bacteria to the gut of sick or stressed birds. Increases of breeding birds and improves chick survival rates. A LIVE, liquid probiotic that goes to work...

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Bio Plus


Multi-strain probiotic with garlic extract, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and glucose polymers. Restores and refreshes beneficial gut bacteria and conditions the gut to make it more favorable for friendly bacteria. Add...

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Re-establish the natural gut flora after infections, diarrhea, stress and the use of antibiotics. What is a probiotic? A live microbial feed supplement which improves the intestinal microbe balance. Why...

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Pet Probiotics

Pet Probiotics is a probiotic supplement for birds and all animals to help aid in re-stablishing the gut flora. In giving medications you need to replace the gut flora with...

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