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Bugs-n-Fruit is a universal insectivore diet is meant for both birds and insectivorous mammals including Sugar Gliders. It can be fed alone or mixed with fresh fruit. Most species readily...

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Dehydrated Daphnia

Insect Dehydrated Daphnia is all 100% very tiny bugs that are ground up for easy eating for even very small birds. Feed dry or moistened. can be added to soft...

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Insecta Pro Insect Mix

Insecta Pro is ideal for insect eating birds. Using the technology of food extrusion, Insecta pro incorporates the best protien from a range of sources to create a high specification...

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Insect Patee


Complete feed for all insect-eating birds Balanced complete feed with animal protein and minimum 25% insects. Is very rich in animal proteins and dried insects: ant eggs, Mexican larvae, dried...

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