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Nekton GELB


Prevent colours from fading or heighten yellow shades of plumage by adding NEKTON-GELB. The nature-identical carotenoid Apo-8-carotenoic acid ethyl ester gives the yellow shades a strong and brilliant hue. Add...

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Nektar Plus


Nektar concentrate for hummers and other nectar-feeding birds Carefully composed and balanced formula of vital ingredients including: Carbohydrates Protein Vitamins Macro and Trace Elements In their natural surroundings the main...

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Complete diet for lories and hanging parakeets Based on years of experience in breeding and rearing these demanding varieties of parrots. Lories are among the most specialised of all the...

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Nekton Tonic-I

High-grade tonic individually attuned to the needs of insect eating birds. The variety and combination of the more than 60 nutritive and effective substances in these supplements make the NEKTON-TONIC...

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