Medistatin Nystatin anti fungal medication


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Key Benefits:

Medistatin is Nystatin 400 000 i.u./g, and will treat and prevent candida disease in caged birds and pigeons, and in some cases can treat Stargazing/Twirling, and can be used on game birds and poultry. The active ingredient Nystatin is an anti fungal agent that attacks candida organism, This is also safe for dosing baby birds, and is also useful in treating hand reared chicks. 

Recommended For:

All caged birds, Pigeons, Game birds, Poultry.


For Pigeons, and Caged Birds: Add 5gm. which 1gm measure spoon included, with 2.2lbs of seeds and give 5-7 days. For proper mixture, put some light oil into the grain and mix the medistain in so that the powder adheres to the seed.

For all other caged birds: Prevention: Mix 1g to 200g of soft food daily until symptoms are gone.   

Treatment for crop dose:   Mix 1g per 20ml of water, shake well and dose 1ml of mixture per 100g body weight twice daily 

Side Effects:   



Nystatin 400 000 i.u. per gram.




Keep out of sunlight and in a dry place.

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