Formula Plus

  • $6.99

Designed to be added to hand feeding formula to provide the unique health and nutrition ingredients only available through the BCC products. These ingredients include a revolutionary white blood cell support system, flourish herbals and much more! Use 30g per 5 pounds of hand feeding formula.

Formula Plus contains the following unique ingredients:

  • Flourish herbal extracts: immune support, anti-coccidial, prebiotic (supporting beneficial bacteria)
  • White cell support system: for rapid deployment of the body's attack cells against invading germs
  • Live yeast probiotics: removal of pathogens from the gut and immune support
  • Insoluble fiber: maximising digestive function and prebiotic
  • Maxima bio-available sulphur: for disease control and rapid feather growth
  • Omega 3 fatty acids and organic acids: for better development of the rapidly growing chick
  • Rapisorb bio-available minerals: for maximum uptake of vital trace nutrients

It also contains:

  • Limiting amino acids: for stress free production of new feathers; works in conjunction with Maxima
  • BioPlus probiotic/prebiotic blend : for excellent gut health and performance
  • Essentials multi-vitamins (except A & D): for energy and vitality
  • CalciBoost bio-available calcium: for strong bone, nerve and muscle development
  • ProBoost protein: incorporated to maintain the balance of the formula

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