Baytril 10%

Baytril 10%

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Baytril 10% Oral Solution

Baytril 10% is a broad spectrum antibiotic used for Birds, Rats, Reptiles and other Pets.

Is your Bird sick and in need of Baytril? No Bird vets near you? You just want your pet to start feeling better fast, then you will be happy with the results from using Baytril. We have Baytril and can ship it right to you. Many Birds are treated with Baytril for many different bacterial infections, infections of the urinary tract, respiratory infections, negative and gram positive bacteria and many other susceptible bacteria.

  • Easy to administer in the drinking water (no stress).
  • Safe for your Bird
  • Comes with measuring device
  • Broad Spectrum (so treats many different infections).

How to Use

Baytril 10% Oral Directions:
For Pet Ornamental Birds (all sizes)

  • The easiest way to give Baytril to your Birds is mixing it up in their normal drinking water.
  • This causes the least amount of stress on you and your Birds.
  • After this is done provide this medicated mixture of Baytril and water as the only source of water for your Birds.
  • Make this for them fresh each day, and provide it to them for 7 -10 consecutive days.

Here is how to mix it: (Measuring Syringe is Provided)

Amount of water Amount of Baytril to use
8 oz. (240 ml) 0.3 ml
16 oz. (470 ml) 0.6 ml
32 oz. (950 ml) 1.2 ml

Your species of Bird will drink a specific amount of water each day, this will provide them with their proper dosage.

Always follow the directions of your 

Chickens & Turkeys:

Indications for Chickens & Turkeys

  • Mycoplasmosis (M. gallisepticum inf., M. synoviae inf., M. iowae inf., M. meleagridis inf.), CRD Complex (M. gallisepticum inf. accompanied with E. coli)
  • Colibasillosis (Coligranuloma, Peritonitis, Saiphingitis, Synovitis, Omphalitis, Air Sacculitis)

  • Salmonellosis and Paratyphoid infections,

  • Infectious coryza

  • Pasteurellosis (Fowl Cholera), Pseudotuberculosis, P. anatipestifer Infections, Staphylococcosis (Synovitis, Arthritis, Septicemia, Spondylitis, Omphalitis, Bacterial Endocarditis, wound Infections)

  • Clostridial infections (Gangrenous Dermatitis, Necrotic Enteritis, Ulcerative Enteritis)

  • Erysipelas infections of turkeys

  • Mixed bacterial infections

  • Secondary infections occurring during or after viral diseases.

Administration and dosage

Baytril 10%, is administered 10 mg/kg bodyweight, for 3 days in drinking water Only in Salmonellosis treatment duration is 5 days.

Chickens and turkeys:

  • 10 mg enrofloxacin/kg bodyweight per day for 3-5 consecutive days.
  • Treatment for 3-5 consecutive days; for 5 consecutive days in mixed infections and chronic progressive forms. If no clinical improvement is achieved within 2-3 days, alternative antimicrobial therapy should be considered based on susceptibility testing.
  • Via the drinking water. Always make sure that the entire dose offered has been consumed. The medicated water should be made up fresh each day just before it is offered to the animals. The drinking water must be medicated throughout the treatment period, and no other water source should be available. Determine the bodyweight of the birds as accurately as possible in order to avoid under-dosing.
  • Use only fresh pre-solutions, prepared every day before start of treatment. Pumping systems should be checked constantly to assure proper medication. Empty the water system and fill it with medicated water before starting the treatment.
  • Calculate the daily quantity (ml) of Baytril 10% Oral Solution required for treatment period as follows:
  • Total number of birds x Average body weight in kg x 0.1= Total volume (ml) per day
  • Baytril 10% Oral Solution may be put directly into the header tank or introduced via a water proportioner pump.




When taking Antibiotics not only are the bad bacteria killed off, so are the "good" Bacteria in the Gut. So using a Probiotic to re-populate the Gut with "good" Bacteria may alleviate certain side effects like diarrhea. It will also aid in digestion even after the Antibiotics. Remember while giving any Antibiotics in the water, always give the Probiotic on the food.




What type of pets can take Baytril?

Baytril Oral can be used on many types of pets from Birds, Rats, Mice, Reptiles, Pigeons, Rabbits and many more. Please consult your Vet for using on your type of pet.

What is Baytril?

The active ingredients of Baytril is Enrofloxacin 100mg per 1 ml. Enrofloxacin is a synthetic and treats all bacteria susceptible to Enrofloxacin.

What side effects does Baytril have?

Baytril can cause abnormalities in young Birds 1 to 21 days old.

What infections does Baytril treat?

Treats Paratyphoid, E-coli, Ornithosis and many more.

 Baytril VS Enrofloxacin what is the difference?

Baytril is a brand name and follows the strict guidelines of the manufacture. Even though the active ingredients is (Enrofloxacin) it is the other ingredients that can differ largely. Also the quality of the Enrofloxacin and strict standards that are kept that can make all of the difference in the world when it comes to your peace of mind and knowing that you have made the right choice.

Where do I store Baytril?

Keep stored in original container in a cool dry place. Any that you have mixed up with water should be stored in the refrigerator and discarded after 24 hours.

What types of Birds can use Baytril?

All types Parrots, Canary's, Budgies, Finches, MaCaws, Cockatiels, African Greys, Cockatiels, Love Birds and many more.

Can I give this to my Dog or Cat?

Please consult your veterinarian on this.

Can this be injected?

This is an oral solution and it is not for injection.

Do you have the dosage for Rats?

We sell Baytril for Birds and we do not have the dosage for Rats and other animals.

What is Baytril used for in Chickens?

Baytril is a very Broad Spectrum antibiotic used to treat Primary and Secondary Infections, Chronic Respiratory Infections, Salmonellosis, Mycoplasmosis, Paratyphoid Infections and many many more. Great for all types of Chickens and very easy to administer to them. 

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