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Key Benefits:
Amtyl is a very safe and effective broad spectrum antibiotic that treats a wide range of bacterial infections in birds, rats.

When using any antibiotic be sure and continue the whole course of 5 days. If after the 5 days you see no improvement then you need to call us, or see a veterinarian.

Recommended for:
All avian species

25g has a  small spoon holds 1g
100g has a small spoon 1g and a large spoon holds 3g

Mix  1g  into:              8 oz. of water or 1 cup
Mix  4g  into :           32 oz. of water or 4 cups
Give for 5 days.

Crop Dose: Mix 3g into 2 teaspoons of water and give 1ml of solution per 100grams of body weight.

After giving any medications we recommend  giving a probiotic to replace the good bacteria in the gut flora.
See below for gram weights on birds.

Active Ingredients:
Amoxicillian Trihydrate (150mg/g)
Tylosin Tartrate              (100mg/g)


Keep in a cool, dry place out of sunlight.

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