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Yeast and Fungi

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Only about half of the infections experienced in cage birds are caused by the old enemy - bacteria. Many are caused by protozoons, viruses, fungi or yeasts. These last two can be particularly difficult to treat especially if they are in the respiratory system. The spores of fingi and yeasts are everywhere in the air so your birds are always exposed to them.

Good hygiene will help. Enviroclens is effective against both of these groups of germs and Saniclens is very effective at preventing the spread of these bugs through the drinking water.

The most vulnerable birds are hand-reared chicks of all species. Candida, a yeast, is the most common cause of "slow crop". The veterinary treatment is an anti-fungal drug. A valuable alternative is Potent Brew.  This powerful probiotic is quite acidic (yeasts don't like acidic environments) and the bacteria it contains compete very effectively with the yeasts so exclude them from the crop. It is possible that Colloidal Silver

may be effective but we have no experience of this as yet.

Prevention is better than cure and Potent Brew is very effective if given to hand reared chicks every day.

For some reason cockatiels (including adults) are also very prone to candida infections though almost any species can be affected. Saniclens is the best defence in collections of these birds. Although cockatiels are particularly vulnerable many other species can sucumb.

The fungus aspergillus is also a very common cause of bird disease. Again good hygiene is the best prevention. Use of Wheeze-Eeze regularly in the bird room will help keep it in check along with Enviroclens and Saniclens. If you suspect aspergillus you should contact your vet for an accurate diagnosis.

Prevention is the best defence. Good nutrition ( Daily Essentials and CalciBoost to provide the necessary vitamins to help your bird fight infections) and Flourish herbal nutricines to stimulate the immune system.  Flourish is available in a stand alone supplement or as part of ProBoost SuperMax or in Feast eggfood. For already sick birds it is incorporated in Poly-Aid and Special Needs Diet as well as the product Flourish.