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Trichomoniasis In Birds

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Trichomonas gallinae is a single cell parasite that can cause a disease known as trichomoniasis in birds.

Trichomoniasis can affect many birds. The common name for the disease is "Canker". We tend to see this in many budgies, and finches. An increase in the number of reported out breaks of "Canker" has been due to the hot weather in 2006.

Trichomonas typically causes local sites of infections to develop at the throat and gullet.

Signs to watch for are:
Showing signs of general illness, for example lethargy and fluffed up plumage, affected birds may drool saliva, regurgitate food, have difficulty in swallowing or show laboured breathing. Finches are frequently seen to have matted wet plumage around the face and beak. In some cases, swelling of the neck may be visible from a distance. The disease may progress over several days or even weeks, consequently affected birds are often emaciated.

The spread of trichomonas is vulnerable to desiccation and cannot survive for long periods outside the host. Transmission of infection between birds is most likely to be by birds feeding one another with regurgitated food during the breeding season; through food or drinking water contaminated with recently regurgitated saliva, or possibly, from droppings of an infected bird.

Trichomonas gallinae is a parasite of birds and does not pose a health threat to humans or dogs and cats. The parasite tends to affect captive poultry and pet birds.

The treatment of choice for trichomonas is Ronivet-S 60mg Ronidazole given for 7 days in the drinking water. Besure to give a probiotic for 2 days after.

Where a problem with trichomoniasis exists, general measures for control of the disease should be taken.
Good hygiene at the bird feeders, keep clean the bird baths, keep the drinking water changed daily plus using Saniclens in the drinking and bathing water to help fight off bacteria growing in there water. Keep all cages and feed dishes disinfected with Enviroclens that kills fungi, yeasts, viruses as well as bacteria.This is the #1 cleanser disinfect in the world.

Call us for any further help you may need in helping with your sick birds.