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Health Articles / Prevention

Every year we take hundreds of calls from people with sick birds. Most buy an appropriate nutritional product to help their birds get better or are encouraged to consult an avian vet for an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Our success rate with nutritional support is incredibly high. Guardian Angel, CalciBoost, Survive, Flourish and Potent Brew can achieve remarkable results but they are not the long term answer to maintaining healthy birds. The old cliche - prevention is better than cure - is completely true.

Most experienced avian vets would agree that somewhere between 70% and 90% of the cases they see have poor nutrition as the origin of the patient's illness. This conclusion is supported by recent American research which indicated that up to 98% of the pet birds surveyed had less than the recommended levels of key nutrients in their diet

It is not because owners intentionally neglect their birds. It is simply because so many people believe that seed and water is a natural and healthy diet for cage and aviary birds. It isn't!

Other animal keepers don't seem to have this problem. The vast majority of cat, dog, fish, reptile, horse, cow, and sheep owners would feed either a complete diet or a supplemented diet. Yet many bird keepers are very reluctant to do this.

Supplementing bird diets has never been simpler nor more effective than it is now. The modern supplements prepared by The Birdcare Company contain a whole range of up-to-date but natural ingredients to promote long term health and vitality.

See Selecting supplements in our products section (this page is in our English section so you will have to return to the US section when you have read it). This takes you through a simple set of questions to help you with you decide which supplement is best for you.

If the worst happens and birds get ill read our article on sick bird survival.

Health and hygiene go hand in hand, so what should you use to clean your birds' environment.  read this article to find out - Hygiene matters.