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Meet Our Natural Nutritionist

Malcom Green BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences; Grad Dip Ag Econ.

Malcolm Green’s early career was taken up working for large multinational companies like Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) and Exxon but in 1994 he and his wife Sally founded The Birdcare Company and his degree in Biological Sciences was put to direct use for the first time. This was a natural fit for Malcolm who had kept birds since he was 10 years old. Malcolm’s passion is to solve real bird keeper problems and that means creating products that are flexible enough to meet the changing seasonal needs of the birds. Building a nutritional foundation (Daily Essentials3 and CalciBoost) on top of which the needs of breeders can be built (ProBoost SuperMax and Potent Brew) was a completely revolutionary idea in its day and is still a unique package of products and ingredients.

A desire to understand how some nutrients actually work has led to a unique insight, especially into calcium. In turn this has enabled the development of simpler to use products like the EasyBird range.

Supporting the immune system and avoiding drugs wherever possible is another of Malcolm’s big drivers and that has led to the development of products like Guardian Angel and Survive – still world leaders in sick bird support.