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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Grubs and moths are growing in the bird seed. How can this be prevented?
    Refrigerating bird seed will also prevent or control seed moths. The moths and their caterpillars cause the birds no harm. The insects are definitely unsightly. In large numbers, the bugs ruin the seed.
  2. The pet shop has a whole aisle full of seed bells, biscuit, fruit sticks, etc? Are these any good?
    Seed bells, seed sticks, fruit sticks, egg biscuits, et cetera are all fine as treats. All this stuff is a little pricey and is not required for good health. However birds do appreciate these treats.
  3. Should I feed my bird people food?
    Small amounts of cooked egg, apple, pear, cantaloupe, leafy greens, whole wheat bread, and corn bread are very good for birds. Fresh food should be offered every day.
  4. What is cuttlebone?
    Cuttlebone is the internal skeletal structure of the cuttlefish, a relative of the squid. It is widely used to supply the bird with calcium, however most of the calcium is not absorbed but lost in the birds droppings. Thus it's best to use a product like Calciboost to ensure your bird receives enough calcium. This is especially true for breeding season, so that egg binding does not occur and you have healthy birds and chicks.
  5. Do birds need special water?
    Drinking or spring water is perferable to ensure no lead content. Make sure to change the water every day and add a product like Saniclens to ensure the water stays healthy. Vitamins can also be placed in the water.
  6. Should I let the bird out of the cage for exercise?
    The cage is your bird's home. Unless the bird is tame and aware of its surroundings, don't let it out of its cage. Mirrors, windows, fans, open flames, cats, dogs, and open doors are all death traps to a free flying Budgie.
  7. What sort of cage is used to breed birds? What is a nest box?
    If you wish to breed birds, get a special breeding cage and nest box. The breeding cage has a little trap door so that the nest box can be attached to the cage.