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Common Problems And How To Treat

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Common Problems And How To Treat

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Possible reasons

Suggested solutions

Poor breeding


Clear eggs


Poor nutrition

Birds not in condition

Water problems

Daily Essentials1, 2 or 3 /CalciBoost/ProBoost SuperMax/ Gold label Feast, Aviagra

Daily Essentials1, 2 or 3 /ProBoostSuperMax/Potent Brew, Ronivet-S Saniclens/ in the drinking water

Dead-in-shell or chick deaths


MITES on Birds

Poor nutrition
Poor hygiene
Infection in hens

Lice & mites

Daily Essentials1, 2 or 3/CalciBoost Nest hygiene - Enviroclens to clean with. Water/soaked seed - Saniclens Potent Brew, Treat with Ronivet-S

Avian Insect Liquidator every 30 days

Hens abandoning chicks

Sick chicks

Inadequate nutrition

Saniclens/ Daily Essentials1, 2 or 3 /Ronivet-S

Daily Essentials1, 2 or 3 /ProBoost SuperMax/Potent Brew

Poor chick growth


Inadequate digestive function leading to low energy level in chicks

Inadequate feeding by parents

Three options
Potent Brew , vitamins,Ronivet-S
Potent Brew and Survive (if bird is sick). Guardian Angel or Energize in drinking water

Foster chicks to other parents (parent birds may improve with experience)

Birds not in condition

Inadequate diet

Water problems

Daily Essentials1, 2 or 3 /ProBoost SuperMax/Potent Brew/ Flourish. Ronivet-S Change drinking water source and use Saniclens

Poorly growing chicks



Poor gut function

Inadequate nutrition (home made HRF)

Wrong energy level HRF

Too low % solids in HRF

Wrong brooder temperature

Potent Brew or BioPlus and/or Flourish. Ronivet-S Visit vet quickly or call us
Potent Brew or BioPlus and/or Flourish and Survive
Change to commercial hand rearing formula and add Formula Plus, or AviGain

Get correct type

Mix HRF well each time it is taken from the bowl. Add less water to HRF

Chicks huddled together/lethargic - too cold.
Chicks panting, dehydrated - too hot

Deformed chicks

Poor nutrition

Other problems

Add CalciBoost to HRF Food

Visit vet

Crop not emptying or crop filling with air

Too high % solids in HRF


Mix the HRF well each time it is used. Use more water in food add Potent Brew

Potent Brew, Medistatin, or visit vet quickly

Convulsions, falling off perches, tremors, fits, head stretching or other "nervous conditions"

Nutritional deficiencies


CalciBoost and Daily Essentials1, 2 or 3

Visit vet



Gut infection, Stress



Potent Brew/Guardian Angel/ Survive/Potent Brew, treat with Coccivet

Worm out gel

Eye/respiratory infections


Colloidal Silver, Doxyvet, Terramycin for eyes Baytril, Amtyl, Enroxil for respiratory



Visit vet or try Ronivet-S

Going light (young birds) or black spot in chicks

Coccidiosis (not in parrot type birds.



Gold Label Feast and/or Flourish. Ronivet-S

Gold label Feast eggfood and/or Flourish. Guardian Angel/ Megabac-S, visit vet

Feather plucking


Lice & Mites

Potent Brew, CalciBoost, Daily Essentials3 (or Feather-Up)

Use Avian Insect Liquidator every 30 days

Lice & Mites

External parasites

Air sac mite and scaly face

Use Avian insect liquidator every 30 days

Use Scatt, or Ivermectin Solution in water

Respiratory problems

Bacterial, fungal, viral or parasite infections

Wheeze-Eeze, Medistatin, Guardian Angel, Amtyl and Ronivet-s, Baytril, or Enroxil, Scatt

Lethargic, fluffed up, may have fits or loose balance, sitting on bottom of cage.

Egg binding in hens.

Inadequate dietary calcium.

CalciBoost direct to the beak (2 drops per canary, 4 per budgie, 6 per cockatiel, 1/2 ml per grey parrot. Repeat after 2 hours. Put under heat

If egg-binding is suspected, see a vet if egg is not laid after 2 oral doses of CalciBoost. It may take up to 3 days for young birds to recover.