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Breathing Difficulties

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Respiratory problems can be caused by lots of different germs so it is very difficult to identify the right approach to take in each particular case. Without expensive vet tests it really is a matter of trial and error which is the best way forward.

If the client is not prepared to pay for the tests then most vets will start with a broad spectrum antibiotic such as Baytril unless there are some species specific and symptomatic reasons to consider other issues (see below). This may be the right approach for severe cases though for chronic conditions support of the immune system may be better.

Here are some general comments on how we approach this with our products:

Firstly we support the bird's natural defences (its immune system). We do this partly with our standard products which should be used all year round anyway. We certainly recommend them immediately we hear of a problem with a bird:

    Feast (or Flourish depending on the species and what they eat) for herbal immune and digestive system support
    Daily Essentials3 (comprehensive vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplementation)
    CalciBoost  for effective calcium supplementation. We have little doubt that calcium deficiency and respiratory infections are often closely linked.

    To this we add Guardian Angel in the case of sick birds as this provides a different form of support to the immune system. This is our general recommendation when the cause of the problem is unknown. Other tools are available to us. They should all be used in conjunction with the standard products. They are:

      Wheeze-Eeze - a herbal preparation especially selected to help the respiratory system
      Colloidal Silver - this seems to work in some difficult circumstances but is never our first choice

      There are some species specific issues to consider. Pionus parrots and cockatiels are particularly susceptible to fungal and yeast problems. Saniclens is very useful for controlling the spread of these problems and our general immune support will help to maintain healthy birds but we always refer these cases to a veterinary surgeon for specific tests and drug therapies. Gaping Bullfinches are another common respiratory issue. This is often this is a gapewrom problem and specific drugs are normally recommended. See your avian vet.