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Avian Insect pests, Avian Insect liquidator

Avian Mites and Aviary insects


Cage and aviary bird keepers no longer need to be concerned about avian insect pests according to veterinarians at the Vetafarm Research Facility in Wagga Wagga, Australia, who have developed a new residual insecticide and insect growth regulator for cage and aviary birds.

"Avian Insect Liquidator" (AIL) is promised by company veterinarian and marketing manager to control a wide range of insect pests including flies, lice and cockroaches as well as arachnids such as spiders and mites.


Dr Gestier said "While effectively controlling insects, AIL would not cause harm to the health and fertility of mature birds, fledglings, or eggs".

"The beauty of this product is that it can be safety and effectively applied to birds and their cages at any stage of their breeding cycle and at any stage of the insects lifecycle" said Dr Gestier.

"AIL is effective on young insects before and after hatching, as well as on mature insects", he said.

Detailed research has already proven AIL to be effective in controlling insects. A study on the effectiveness of AIL on lice in caged birds demonstrated AIL to eliminate lice from birds at the recommended dose rate of 1:20 dilution, during which time numbers of lice on birds in control cages (no treatment) were shown to increase by up to 90%.

Where treated birds were returned to untreated cages in which they were in close contact with infected birds, the treated birds remained free of lice for seven weeks after treatment.


The active ingredients in AIL are combined to produce a treatment which overcomes insect pests through direct toxicity as well as through hormonal intervention.

One of the active ingredients in AIL, Permethrin, is a broad spectrum insecticide which, when mixed with Piperonyl Butoxide (PBO), achieves a greater effect on insects than the effect of either of the two chemicals alone. Methoprene, the third active ingredient, is a synthetic juvenile insect hormone that gives AIL its residual effect and is potent in preventing the growth of juvenile insects.

The unique wetting agent present in AIL allows rapid penetration into birds feathers so that the active chemicals come into close contact with the undesirable insects.

Available in 100 ml and 500 mL ready-to-use spray container or as a concentrate which can be diluted in a pump pack, it is recommended that the AIL be applied by spraying birds and their environment completely, with particular attention given to cracks and crevices where insects hide and breed.

Developed due to the need for insecticides that would be free of organophosphates and thus that would be non-toxic to avians, AIL promises to treat birds harmlessly and effectively.

Trials have shown that AIL is safe when used on birds even at twice recommended strength.

Containing no hydrocarbons, AIL will not cause any damage to birds eyes or lungs and is safe even if sprayed near food and water.