High protein food for insect eating birds

Insecta Pro Insect Mix

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Insecta Pro is ideal for insect eating birds. Using the technology of food extrusion, Insecta pro incorporates the best protien from a range of sources to create a high specification food for birds. The process of extrusion of the food boosts the digestibility and also ensures purity of the product as the high pressure cooking kills bacteria and destroys toxins. The amino acid profile and the range of vitamins and minerals in Insecta-Pro are able to replace the need for live food while ensuring the best in nutrition for health and breeding. many insect eating birds will not even think of rasing a clutch if the insects are not there for them to feed the babies.

Fed moist or dry, Insecta-Pro is ideal for a range of insect eating birds.

Ingredients: Select Australian whole grains including: Corn, Wheat, Meat and fish Meals, Wheat Glten.

Feeding: Insecta-Pro has been designed to provide a supplemental feed for all insectivorous birds, including those requiring "live food". It may be feed dry or more acceptably, it may be moistened to create a soft food. Insecta-Pro can be mixed with other softfoods such as fruits, pupae, eggs etc. This mix is supplied to the birds to provide a wide based, nutritious feed that wil stimulate breeding pairs and provide a fully balanced diet for the young. Nutritional Balance: Insectivorous birds require a diet high in protien and fat. Insecta-pro orovides a convenient, balanced diet for all species (except Mynas and Toucans). Omnivorous birds (Blackbirds, Thrush, Magpies etc.) benefit from Insecta-Pro and Golden Song mixed 50:50 and fed as a moist blend. Insecta-Pro contains extra protien, vitamins and minerals to support rapid growth and feathering of all insectivorous birds.

Approximate Analysis:

Crude Protien 30%, Lysine 1.4%, Crude Fat 14%, VitaminA 3,000 iu/kg, Crude Fibre 4%/ Calcium 2.5%

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