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Bird First Aid / Health Support

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Vet Aid Spray

First Aid / Health Support

Vet-Aid is a patented, veterinarian recommended, all natural skin irritation and wound care product for animals. Vet-Aid gently assists your pets natural healing process and helps ease discomfort.Many competitive products...

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Electrovites + Electrolyte Powder

Electrovites -Electrolytes is an orange flavored powder used for the treatment of dehydration in birds and day one baby feeding. Generally excellent for birds under stress due to illness or...

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Remedy + Recovery Stop Bleeding Styptic Powder

Description Remedy+Recovery Stop Bleeding Styptic Powder for Birds, Dogs & Cats is a professional-groomer’s grade styptic power that immediately stops bleeding on smaller cuts and scrapes on your pet. It’s...

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HP Healing Cream

First Aid

Promotes and supports healing of wounds, cuts, bites, burns and other surface tissue damage in pets. Can reduce healing time for persistent wounds. Symptoms: Infection Swelling, pain and shock from injury Wounds that won’t...

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