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Here you will find many bird supplements for a variety of needs. Some can be given in the water and others given on the food.

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When birds are kept in captivity, they do not have the access to the same foods as they do in the wild. This can lead to a bird being very deficient in some areas of their nutrition, we as pet bird owners need to realize this and provide our feathered friends the right supplements to add to their diet. This will keep them healthy and living a long happy life.

It has been proven that birds in captivity are very deficient in calcium. A lot of people will give their birds cuttlebones or oyster shell to help with this calcium deficiency, but it has be shown that since calcium supplements for birds is very hard for the body to absorb, that birds are not getting the benefit of this calcium and it is passing through their system and out their droppings. The way to do this is make sure you bird is consuming Vitamin D3 when they consume heir calcium as vitamin D3 helps the system absorb the calcium thus benefiting from the calcium. Calciboost is a very good option for this as it comes with vitamin D3 in it and is available as a liquid calcium supplement for birds.

Bird vitamins supplements are also very good for your bird, giving your bird a daily vitamin can be very beneficial to you bird. These vitamin supplements can help your birds immune system to grow and become more resistant to the bad bacterias that can effect birds. Vitamins supplements for cockatiels and all other pet birds can also help with good feather growth and help with molting and re-growth of feathers during this time.

Calming supplements for birds can help if you have a bird that is a screamer, chewer or biter. These bird calming supplements will use natural products most of the time to gently calm your bird stopping the bad behavior without a sedated effect or sleepiness.

Specific feather supplements for birds and molting supplements for birds are designed to make your bird plumage be thick colorful and beautiful and cause less stress during the molting season. So if you need a canary molting supplement or maybe for any other type of bird you will find it under bird supplements for molting.

We also carry many african grey parrot supplements that are natural or herbal. Using an herbal supplement for birds or organic supplements for birds, is a great way to give your bird what they need in a natural way, making you feel better about giving products to your birds.

Maybe you have been looking for canary singing supplements or just canary supplements, we have many different option to choose from. Maybe your canary is hooked on seed only, we have canary seed dietary supplements also. To make sure your canary is getting the nutrition they need.

Are you breeding birds? try one of our many different breeding supplements for birds like proboost supermax or one of the many others to help bring your birds into breeding with much better results.

Parrot vitamin supplements or cockatiel vitamin supplements or just general supplements like iodine supplements for birds or calcium supplements for cockatiels we have many choices to help your birds live a happy healthy life, so remember when you need probiotic supplements for birds or just the average cockatiel supplements to canary seed supplements, we have everything you need.

Bird Supplements

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Potent Brew Liquid Probiotic

Potent Brew Restores beneficial bacteria to the gut of sick or stressed birds. Increases of breeding birds and improves chick survival rates. A LIVE, liquid probiotic that goes to work...

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Bio Plus


Multi-strain probiotic with garlic extract, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and glucose polymers. Restores and refreshes beneficial gut bacteria and conditions the gut to make it more favorable for friendly bacteria. Add...

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Feather Up

Add to food. Moulting supplement containing multi-vitamins, 'Rapisorb' minerals, amino acids and protein. Recommended that Calcivet (CalciBoost) and Potent Brew are used in conjunction with this product for best results....

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Calciboost IN WATER Powder


Calciboost powder is a highly bio-available calcium/magnesium supplement with added vitamin D3. Can be added to food or water. Use in drinking water or sprinkle on soft foods, fruits and...

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