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Bird Feather Products

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Liquid Kelp

Iodine deficiency is a common problem in many caged birds but is especially common in the Australian birds. The Australian birds seem to need more iodine than other pet birds....

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Nekton Biotin


Protein-enriched food supplement to ensure good feather growth and help prevent plumage defects After years of research and experiments we developed NEKTON-BIO to meet certain problems in a bird’s plumage and...

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Easy Bird Rest, Moult & Show

 Out of the breeding season your birds, needs are quite different so the BirdCare Company has designed EasyBird Rest, Moult & Show to help replace needed protiens and nutrients, and...

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Rainforest Mist Bath Spray for Small Birds

 Key Benefits:Rainforest Mist bath spray can be used daily on the birds. Rainforest mist will cleanse your bird and relieve dry, itchy skin while helping to prevent feather plucking and...

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