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MegaPlus is a water soluble Amphotericin-B with Nystatin combined to help fight magabacteria which other antibiotics are not strong enough.  Use this medication after other medications have not cured the problem. Megabacteria can be found in almost all species, and budgies seem to have more  problems. Amphotericin-B and Nystain combined is the only drug so far that has proven effective against the Megabacteria, and Avian Gastric Yeast.

It is believed that Megabacteria is spread through the droppings, sense megabacteria appears in the feces that it would be important to maintain good housecleaning daily and removal of all droppings. Also keeping all water containers cleaned daily.

Amphotericin-B in combination with nystatin, has been tested and proven to be more effective. This is very safe and nontoxic.

Treatment time is usally 10 days and water should be changed daily.  

Dosage: Mix 1/4 teaspoon to 4 oz. of water.                                                                    Keep from sunlight. Keep in a cool place moisture free.

Birds with a body weight of 100gm consume 6mls of water daily.

Ingredients: Amphotericin-B 2%, Nystatin, 

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