In-N-Out Smart Crock-Locking (Clear)

In-N-Out Smart Crock-Locking (Clear)

  • $10.23


This IN-N-OUT Smart Crock-Locking is made of heavy duty plastic and has the quick lock design that allows for quick removal to fill and clean while leaving the lock securely in place so the crock will not move. Attaches to most cages. This crock is only 2 inches deep and 5 inches in diameter, so this makes it good for treat cups or use as a nest or bird bath. Has a lip on it so the the bird can perch on it. Transparent clear to view food or water. Is dishwasher safe and indestructible, and comes with a Limited Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.



Round 10 oz. 5" diameter: 2" height

Recommended For:

Most types of cages and for all birds.


Put the bowl into the cage and simply attach the lock attachment. Easy to remove to fill or clean.


Can use the Smart Guard Debris Shield with this round crock to keep seeds or water from going out of the cage. Hooks on back of the cage with a 10" diameter round clear plastic disc to keep seeds or water off the floor.


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Store in a safe place.

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