Formula One Quick Weight Gain Mixture

Formula One Quick Weight Gain Mixture

  • $10.49

Handfeeding formula for day old hatchlings and sick bird weight gain formula.

Formula One is used alone to feed newborns and as a supplement to handfeeding formulas for older baby birds. it is also an ideal supplement for hand feeding underweight adults that have been injured or are ill. Formula One provides carboydrates and vegetable fat to promote weight gain as well as extra protien, vitamins, minerals, four digestive enzymes, and six species of beneficial bacteria. Mix with water or electrolyte solution or add to handfeeding formula. Has a fruit flavor that birds love.

For routine hand feeding from day 1 or 2, mix a very thin consistency with water or an electrolyte solution. from day 3 on, prepare your customary handfeeding formula ( in a thinner consistency for the first week) and add Formula One while gradually increasing your handfeeding formula thickness to normal for handfeeding. Use like Instant Ounces, Day One, Emeraid, etc.

Contains, four digestive enzymes and six beneficial bacteria.

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