Avitemp Infrared Heat Bulbs

Avitemp Infrared Heat Bulbs

  • $23.70

Key Benefits:
Use these bulbs to keep birds warm when sick or cold, or for baby birds, and for out door aviaries in cold weather.
The ceramic bulb must be used with a ceramic base fixture as these bulbs get very hot.

Recommended For:
All avian species

Side Effects:
Must be used with a ceramic fixture or it will melt your fixture and possible fire.

Place the bulb to one end of the cage next to a perch so that the bird can get as close as it needs to for heat and can go to the other side of the cage to get away from the heat. It is best to put a thermometer in the cage to monitor the temperature seeing that it does not get hotter than 82 degrees.

60 Watt  can be used in small cages
100 Watt can be used in medium cages
150 Watt can be used in large cages
250 Watt used out doors in aviaries

Do not touch bulb as it is very hot, and place away from birds reach. Place on outside of cage and out door aviaries place a guard on the light fixture so birds can not get to it.


Place in a safe place, so will not fall and break.

These heat bulbs must be used in a ceramic fixture base. Use in your home to keep birds warm, or use in  and out door aviary to help keep birds warm in the winter.

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