AviFlax Gold

AviFlax Gold

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AviFlax is a human-grade milled flax product processed specifically for feeding to birds. AviFlax is chemical free and non GMO. I is vitamin fortified and stabilized for enhanced bioavailability and shelf life. AviFlax is an all natural product that supplies elements (Omega fatty acids) that improves the health of all birds and their offspring. Omega 3 from flax seed has been shown the enhance antibody production and protect against hypertension. In studies of parrots, Omega 3 fatty acids were associated with a reduced incidence of atheriosclerosis. In another interesting study, the hatchlings of parents fed flax oil were found to have higher levels of antibody production.

Only premium Northern-grown flax seed is used for AviFlax. Flax seed is not usable whole and must be ground to release benficial fatty acids. If ground too aggressively, nutrients can be lost due to oxidation and other damage, so AviFlax is gently milled to retain maximum nutritional benefit. While flax oil contains Omega 3, whole milled seed is better for birds as it provides the fiber, antioxidants, lignans and protiens missing from oil in an easy to feed form.

AviFlax is formulated specifically for birds. AviFlax is gently ground to release the maximum nutritional benefits of Omega 3 for your bird. Omega 3 helps maintain supple skin and glowing feathers. It improves overall health including strengthening the immune system, increasing fertility and supporting cardio vascular function.
This premium source of Omega 3 in AviFlax is stabilized and vitamin enriched for additional bio-avialability allowing optimal results from adding AviFlax to your birds diet.

Directions: Sprinkle on dry food daily

Small to Medium Birds: Finches/Senegals/Greys/Amazons - 1 scoop (1/4 Tsp.)
Large Birds: Cockatoos, Macaws - 2 scoops (1/2 Tsp.)

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude protien: 22% min. Phosphorus: 0.66% min.
Crude Fat: 36% min. Potassium 0.65% min.
Crude Fiber: 10% max. Magnesium: 0.37% min.
Moisture: 6% max. Copper (ppm) 10 min.
Calcium: 0.38% min. Zinc (ppm) 46 min.
Calcium 0.41% max. Vitamin E (IU/lb.) 60 min.
Omega 3 21.5% min. Omega 6: 5.3% min.

AviFlax is 100% natural

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