Aviagra Fertility Supplement

  • $12.89

Enhance your Bird's Love Life.
Put spice into your birds love life with Aviagra.
This mixture of vitamin E and essentials amino acids in Aviagra has a pleasant natural tangerine flavor base. Sprinkle Aviagra on soft food, fruits, vegetables, sprouts, etc. Aviagra is for all adult birds from Canaries and Finches, Budgies to Amazons and Cockatoos.

Aviagra is a fertility supplement.
When you are ready to start your breeding season start using Aviagra 3 months prior to breeding.

Aviagra Contains: Vitamin E Amino Acids In a natural tangerine flavored powder

Sprinkle Aviagra on soft food: Fruit, vegetables, sprouts, etc.
Canary or Finch: very small pinch
Budgies, Lovebird, small Conure: One pinch
Parrot, small Cockatoo: 1/8 teaspoon
Macaw, large Cockatoo: 1/8 Teaspoon

Use Aviagra daily at full dosage for 3 months prior to breeding season and continue at 1/2 the dosage for 30 days after the first egg is laid.
After breeding season, give one full dose once a week.

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