Scatt for Birds

SCATT For Birds To Treat Air Sac Mites And Scaly Face Mites

  • $17.99

SCATT for Birds A safe and effective treatment for Air Sac Mites and Scaly Face Mites.

  • Very Safe and Very Effective
  • Easy to administer (apply drop on skin)
  • Can use as a preventative
  • Kills mites 

Is your Bird suffering? Scales around his/her legs, Scales on his/her Beak maybe it's your beloved Canary or other type  of Bird and they have stopped signing? Are they panting or making clicking noises? These are just some of the things that can make your Bird suffer and can even Kill your Bird. 

Don't wait, get SCATT for Birds today and stop the suffering.


Apply in a single application 1 to 2 drops depending on the size of the Bird. Finch to Canary 1 drop and larger Birds 2 drops on the bare skin. Retreat in 21 days then as a preventative treat once every 3-4 months.

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