Blast Off Anti-mite powder to sprinkle on Birds and the mites hop right off 250g size

Blast-Off AntiMite Powder

  • $17.37

Blast-Off Antimite Insect repellent dusting powder.

Product Information:

Insect repellent dusting powder for use directly on birds. Natural active ingredients. Contains no talc.

Key Features: Completely natural and safe for use onto young birds and older birds and on small animals.

Application: Sprinkle on birds as required. Repeat application at two week intervals to assist in inhibiting egg-laying cycle. This products is a repellent. We recommend that the bird's cage and surrounding area is treated with Insect & Mite Eliminator to kill the mites that may be on the cage.

Pack Size: 250g

Active Ingredients: Piperonal, Cedarwood oil

Shelf Life: N/A

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