Bag O' Bugs

Bag O' Bugs

  • $14.49

Feeding instructions, Prior to breeding season and during breeding, feed daily in a separate feeder. You may also mix Bag O Bugs with your regular seed mixes. You can also sprinkle the insect formula on fruit or vegetables to encourage feeding. This natural food may reduce mortality of young and parent birds as well. Stor this formula in a cool, dry, place.

Min Crude Protein 19%, Min. Crude Fat 8.01%, Max. Crude Fiber 11.02%, Max. Moisture 11.22%

Ingredients: Ground rape seed, niger seed, recleaned canary seed, german millet, proso millet, dehydrated & ground, insectary-raised flies, fly larvae, fly pupae, crickets, ant eggs, ground flax seed, red millet, oat groats, rye grass seeds, sweet pepper seed, poppy seed, meat meal, rice bran, fish meal, molasses, wheat germ oil, dehydrated spinach, sun cured alfalfa, dehydrated apples, peaches, dates, apricots, dry skim milk, dry egg yolk, lecithin, brown sugar. As you can see this is a complete diet.

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