AviClean Concentrate

AviClean Concentrate

  • $23.98

 Key Benefits:
This Concentrate you just have to mix with water and can make the amount you would like to clean with. The 16 oz. will make 1 gallon.
This is the best cleaner to use on the cages, perches, toys, to remove caked on foods, droppings and leaves a fresh minty smell.
This non-rinse cage and aviary cleaner and deodorizer cuts cleaning time in half.

Recommended For:
All avian species cages,perches, toys.

Mix 16oz. to 1 gallon of water.
Smaller amounts.
Mix 8oz. to 1/2 gallon of water.
Spray on let sit a few minutes then wipe clean. No need to rinse. Removes dried bird droppings fast.

Side Effects:

Safe to use with the birds in the cage, no need for rinsing, safe for carpet and wood floors. Use where ever you need to get tough dried on poops or dried on foods off fast with no scrubbing.
AviClean is bird safe and biodegradable. Will not harm cages, and excellent for soaking hand feeding tools before disinfecting.
AviClean is also great for dog and cat stains. Can be used on metal, concrete, painted surface, plastic,fabric.


Store in a cool place out of sun light.

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