AviClean 32 oz Spray

AviClean 32 oz Spray

  • $13.16

AviClean Non-Rinse Cage and Aviary Cleaner and Deodorizer Cuts Cage Cleaning Time in Half.

AviClean- Bird safe, non-rinse cage cleaner for removing droppings and food from cages, perches, floors, toys, walls, etc.

AviClean is easy to use with dual enzymes extra strength formula for a spotless clean with no scrubbing or rinsing.

Use AviClean to remove dried bird droppings, caked on foods such as fruit, vegetables, nectar, pellets, handfeeding formula regurgitated substances.

AviClean is also great for dog and cat stains.
AviClean can be used on metal, concrete, painted surfaces, plastic, fabric
(treat a small hidden area on fabric for fading before using)

AviClean is Bird Safe and Biodegradable.
AviClean will not harm cages.
AviClean is less corrosive than distilled water.
AviClean is excellent for pre-soaking hand feeding tools before disinfecting.

To use:
Shake: Shake the bottle gently to uniformly distribute the live enzymes.
Spray: Spray AviClean on the soiled area. Thoroughly soak the solids to be removed.
Wait: Wait about 5 to 10 seconds to allow the AviClean to break down the soiled areas.
Wipe: Wipe away the soil with a damp or dry cloth or paper towel.

No Need to Rinse AviClean

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