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Key Benefits:

Ronidazole is for the prevention and treatment of Trichomoniasis Canker, Hexamitosis, Giardia, Cochlosomosis, in all aviary birds and Pigeons.

Recommended For:

Birds of all species


Cure: For large birds, Mix 1 teaspoon into 1 gallon of water for Budgerigars and larger birds and fancy pigeons. Treat for 7 days. Racing pigeons treat for 7 days every other week for a total of two doses.

Cure: For small birds, finches and canaries: Mix 1 teaspoon into 1 quart of water and give for 7 days.

Preventive:  May be given 4 times throughout the year and should always be given to the babies after fledging the nest.

Mix fresh daily, and remove all other source of water.

Can Be Used With :

Amtyl, vitamins, calcium

Side Effects:


Ronidazole is safe to use during any stage of the breeding cycle. It is best to treat before setting the birds up for breeding. If you start losing babies in the nest then give the Ronidazole to the parents they will give it to the babies. If you have sick birds we recommend giving Amtyl also mixed with Ronidazole for 7 days.                                   

Always be sure to give a probiotic such as Probiotic Plus for 3 to 4 days to replace the good bacteria in the gut flora.

Active Ingredients:

60mg/g Ronidazole


Pet Health


Store in original sealed container in a cool dry place.

More Information:

Giardia is a parasite that is found in the small intestines of birds. Giardia occurs frequently in budgies, cockatiels, lovebirds, african grays, and gray cheeked parakeets, although other species also can become infected when ingesting the parasite. Birds will often appear without symptoms, but can show signs of loose droppings, weakness, depression, anorexia, yeast infections. Some birds will start itching and tearing out feathers.Canker symptoms to look for are, cheesy growth in the mouth or throat, visible lump in the neck or navel area, slow blinking, ruffled feathers, excessive thirst, loss of appetite, loss of weight. For these protozoal infections for Canker, Giardia, Trichomoniasis, Hexamitosis, Cochlosomosis, the bird must be treated with Ronidazoal in the drinking water for 7 days. Not treating the bird it will soon die.Trichomoiasis is also known as Canker. This parasite is found in the upper digestive tract of many avian species causing accumulation of necrotic material in the mouth and esophagus. It is principally a disease of younger birds and is often fatal. Symptoms to look for are, looks depressed, salivate excessively, looks emaciated, difficulty closing their mouth, display repeated swallowing movements, have watery eyes, have a puffy appearance of the neck, they will soon die from a blockage in the trachea, again don't hesitate to treat with the Ronidazole.

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