Calciboost IN WATER Powder

  • $11.99

Calciboost powder is a highly bio-available calcium/magnesium supplement with added vitamin D3. Can be added to food or water.

Active Constituents per kg. Magnesium 12g Calcium 100g VitaminD3 75,000 ius.

Directions for Use
Feed twice a week to non breeding birds and five times a week to breeders. If birds have not been on Calciboost before or are showing signs of calcium/magnesium deficiency use five days a week for the first 1-2 months. Do not feed Calciboost Powder daily.

Use in drinking water or sprinkle on softfoods, fruits and vegetables. Calciboost powder can also be added to hand rearing foods. Calciboost Powder is great for sprinkling on foods. Also keeps hens from getting egg bound, helps in feather plucking, the nervous system, along with helping the muscles, and bones.

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