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Insect Softfood Supreme

Birds on the Premium Insect Mix will be healthier, have larger clutch sizes, better fertility, healthier chicks, and have easier molts, and color.

Great to feed during the breeding season and during times of molting.

Premium Insect Mix can be feed free choice, or mixed into the seeds, or mixed with fruits and vegetables. Insects are one of the best way to see that the birds are getting the proteins that they need when they start breeding. Many of your birds that need insects will enjoy this product, and will give so much more to them as the Spirulina and ground oyster shell, rosemary, alfalfa, and canola oil will help with the health of your birds.

Ingredients: White millet, Powdered alfalfa, corn meal, Musca domestica,Larvae, Pupae, Spirulina, canola oil, rosemary, and ground oyster shell eggfood and bugs galore. These products are used to bound together the insects and liquefied insect material that the birds will take to fast. No preservatives or artificial coloring is used in this product. Not only will you find the insectivorous eating birds love this but we find many of the other birds tend to like this. When you have babies in the nest the parents will feed this to them and you will get healthier babys.

Analysis: Protien 19.5% - Carbohydrate 45% - Fat 7.4% - Oil 18% - Fiber 6%



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